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Market tremors give a boost to low volatility names; UK risk jumps amid Brexit-related political turmoil; Countries in the red worldwide




Market tremors give a boost to low volatility names


Market gyrations are driving investors to the safety of lower volatility names. The Volatility factor posted negative three-month returns in all regions Axioma tracks closely. That is, low volatility stocks outperformed their higher volatility counterparts over this period. Most notably, Volatility returned -8.2% in Canada for the past three months, for a cumulative six-month return of -11.6%. The magnitude of Canada’s six-month volatility return was the highest among all geographies, followed by Asia Pacific ex-Japan (-7.1%) and the UK (-6.1%). In contrast, the style factor in Australia saw positive cumulative one-month (1.2%) and six-month returns (1.4%). Volatility returns of this magnitude may have a much larger than expected negative impact on returns of portfolios that have even a small positive exposure to the factor.

See graph from the Canada Equity Risk Monitor as of 13 December 2018:


UK risk jumps amid Brexit-related political turmoil


With global volatility surging, the UK market was further rattled by Theresa May’s postponing of the Brexit-related vote in the British Parliament and the challenge against her leadership (which she survived). The FTSE 350 index posted small gains last week, but losses at the one-, three-, and six-month horizons. The short-horizon risk of the FTSE 350 saw the biggest jump last month (of more than 220 basis points) among the regions Axioma tracks closely. Still, the UK remains the second-least risky (in local currency) after Canada among the regions Axioma covers. The UK’s short-horizon risk was 15% last Thursday, as reported by Axioma’s short-horizon fundamental model. Interestingly, the statistical and fundamental forecasts converged at both short and medium horizon, after diverging a month ago.

See graph from the UK Equity Risk Monitor as of 13 December 2018:



Countries in the red worldwide


Stocks dropped in both developed and emerging markets in the past six months, bringing the six-month total returns (denominated in USD) of individual countries well below zero. Luxemburg, China and Ireland were the worst performers, each with six-month returns below -17%. Only Brazil, Russia, Hungary, Israel and New Zealand reported positive returns in the last six months. Brazil took the lead, with a six-month return exceeding 20%. Perhaps unsurprisingly, as country returns plunged, their risk surged. The volatility of individual countries ranged between 10% and 23%, as measured by Axioma’s short-horizon Worldwide fundamental model. Greece, China and South Korea’s risk climbed above 20%, making them the riskiest countries as of last Thursday. The least risky emerging country was Czech Republic.

See graph from the Equity Risk Monitors as of 13 December 2018:



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